Dr. Cheryl Serr
Cheryl Wiley, FNP

Frequently Asked Questions

About Appointments

• Are you taking new patients?
Yes! Our office is accepting new patients. Call our office at 225-8500.   Schedule Appointment

• Who will I see for my appointment?
You will see either Dr. Cheryl Serr, or Cheryl Wiley NP, depending upon the reason for your visit. Read More …

• Do you take my insurance?
We accept most major insurance plans, except Medicare and Medi-Cal / PHP. Read More…

• Do I need to be seen in the office to get a prescription?
You need to be seen once a year (for an annual exam) to renew prescription medicines. You also need to be seen to start a new medication or to treat an infection.

• Is your office a primary care provider?
Our office specializes in OBGYN (obstetrics and gynecology). We do well-women care (annual exams and pap smears), and treat conditions specific to women, such as birth control, pregnancy, menopause, PMS, and period problems. Women with general medical problems such as diabetes, asthma, high blood pressure and thyroid disease need to be cared for by an internal medicine or family practice doctor.

• Can I be seen “off the record” and have the visit not be a part of my permanent medical record?
NO. Patients will sometimes ask for this because they do not want their spouse, life insurance or health insurance to be aware of their visit or test results. Any visit to our office is a part of your permanent medical record, and that information which is protected by the patient confidentiality laws.

About Paperwork and Billing

• Click on the following to download: New Patient Paperwork and Pregnancy Questionnaire

• How do I get a copy of my medical records? Read More….

• How do I file for surgery or pregnancy disability of FMLA? Read More….

• Who do I call with a question about my bill?
For bills from our office: contact our billing company CPR at 241-0473
For bills from a lab: Make sure you are looking at a bill and not an EOB (Explanation of Benefits) from your insurance company. If it is an EOB, wait until you receive an actual bill from the lab, because the labs often adjust down the balance. If it is a bill, contact the lab billing department directly. If they cannot help you, then call us and we can put you in contact with the local lab representative.

• Can I pay cash to be seen? Can I be seen and have you not bill my health insurance company?
NO. It is illegal not to submit the bill to the insurance company if our office is a contracted provider.
We can only accept cash if you have no health insurance, or have an insurance with which our office is not a contracted provider: (Medicare or Kaiser).

About After-Hours Care

• Who do I call if I have an after-hours emergency?
Call the office at 225-8500 and press 3 to be connected to the answering service (or call them directly at 245-1292). They will contact the doctor on-call.

• What doctors does Dr. Serr share after-hours call with?
Dr. Serr shares after-hours call with Dr. VanKirk, Dr. Oliva, Dr. Pena, Dr. Skipitis, and Dr. Williams. All are board-certified OB/GYN’s. During normal business hours, all of the doctors take care of, and deliver their own patients. When the office is closed, one of the doctors is “on-call” and takes care of all the different doctors’ patients.

• What hospital does Dr. Serr do surgeries at?
Dr. Serr does her gynecologic (non-pregnant) surgeries at Patients Hospital of Redding.
Dr. Serr does endometrial ablations either at Patient’s Hospital or in her office.

• Where do I go if I have an emergency?
If you have a life-threatening emergency call 911 and seek care at the nearest available hospital.
If you have the option, please go to Dignity – Mercy Medical Center Redding.
Shasta Regional Medical Center does not have a “labor and delivery” department (for delivering babies) and they do not have a gynecologist on-call.

About Pregnancy

• For an extensive list of answers to medical questions about pregnancy and labor please refer to our Pregnancy Care page: Pregnancy Care

• What hospital does Dr. Serr do deliveries at?
Dr. Serr (and all of the OBGYN’s in Redding) do their deliveries only at Dignity – Mercy Medical Center in Redding (NOT at Saint Elizabeth’s in Red Bluff or Mercy Mount Shasta).

• Who do I call and where do I go if I think I am in labor or broke my bag of waters?
Go to Mercy Hospital if you have clearly broken your bag of waters. Call us if you are unsure.
Go to Mercy Hospital if you are having regular, painful uterine contractions that are five minutes apart (if you are “term” at 37+ weeks) or ten minutes apart (if you are “preterm” at less than 37 weeks).
During office hours call us to let us know if you are going to the hospital.
If it is after-hours you do not need to call either the doctor or the hospital.

• Does Dr. Serr deliver babies vaginally after a previous c-section (VBAC)?
No. Mercy Hospital policies does not allow VBACs.

• Does Dr. Serr do home deliveries or provide “doctor-backup” for midwives? NO

• Can I take video during my office visit, ultrasound or delivery?
NO. Unfortunately, Dr. Serr’s medical malpractice carrier does not allow video taking in the office at any time, or during the actual birth. Still photos (normal camera pictures) are allowed.


Our Location

Located In Beautiful Northern California

1842 Buenaventura Blvd Redding, CA 96001
Phone: 530-225-8500
Fax: 530-246-4000
Office Hours: 
8:30 am – 4:00 pm

For billing questions please contact our biller, CPR Inc., at (530) 241-0473.

For after-hours emergencies, please contact the answering service/doctor-on-call at (530) 245-1292.