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Dr. Cheryl Serr
Cheryl Wiley, FNP


To Get a Copy of Your Medical Records.

By law you are entitled to a copy of your medical records. However, a doctor’s office, medical records storage facility, or medical copy service can charge a fee to produce this copy. If you need five pages or less – such as a copy of your last visit, pap and mammogram, our office will provide one for free. If you require more extensive records, our office is contracted with a copy service called Professional Medical Copy, that comes to our office weekly.

To get a copy of your records you need to sign a Release to Copy Medical Records Form.

To protect your privacy, and comply with federal HIPAA Guidelines, it is our office policy that we will not release private medical records without a signed, written request. This means you cannot request records by phone, text, email, or fax. You can only request them with a signed release form. You can obtain this form from any doctor’s office, or you can ask us to mail one to you, or you can download it from this website.

If you need a copy of records from another doctor’s office sent to our office:

You need to sign a Release to Copy Medical Record Form. You can then give or mail it to your other doctor’s office, or bring it to us and we will fax it. Sadly, we have had instances where patients altered their medical records, so we reserve the right to insist that the records be sent to us directly from the other doctor’s office (instead of having you hand deliver them to us).

If you need a copy of your records from Amber Health Care for Women:

You need to sign and send us a Release to Copy Medical Record Form. You can have your new doctor fax us the request, or you can send it to us by mail or fax (246-4000).