Pregnancy Care for You and Your Growing Miracle

Pregnancy Care

Pregnancy Care – Our Philosophy…

We want our pregnant mothers to receive the best possible medical pregnancy care, while maintaining a family-centered approach, with open communication about how your pregnancy and labor unfold. Our practice focus is on empowering women, by informing them and actively involving them in their health care decisions, with the ultimate goal of a healthy mom and baby, and a family centered delivery. Our practitioners want you to feel you truly understand what you need to do – with healthy diet, exercise, and appropriate prenatal testing – for the health of both you and your growing baby. Visit our Baby Gallery.

To Start Your Prenatal Care

  • Download and complete our Pregnancy Questionnaire for both new and established patients.
  • Drop off, Fax or Mail your forms along with a copy of your insurance card.
  • Our office will contact you to make your appointment.
  • Your first appointment is generally at 6-8 weeks with one of our nurse practitioners.
  • Your second visit is at 10-12 weeks with our doctor for your first ultrasound.
  • Our office will collect a $300 payment at your first visit and check your insurance benefits.
  • Please download and read our Cost of Pregnancy Care handout.
  • Print out a copy of our Questions about Pregnancy for reference.
  • Download PDF version: Disability and Family Medical Leave

Congratulations! Call our office if you have any questions.
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Answers to your questions…

  • Visits at our practice are split between Dr. Serr and our nurse practitioners. Most ultrasounds are done in-office in our family-accommodating ultrasound room.
  • Our patients deliver at the newly renovated Family Birth Center at Dignity Health Care / Mercy Medical Center – Redding. Our doctors do not travel to Dignity / Mercy Saint Elizabeth’s Hospital in Red Bluff or to Dignity / Mercy Mount Shasta.
  • Dr. Serr delivers most of her patients, but does share after-hours and weekend call with Dr. Sam VanKirk, Dr. Edith Oliva, Dr. Greg Skipitis, Dr. Jorge Peña, and  Dr. Rene Williams.
  • We deliver patients who have had a prior cesarean section by repeat cesarean, due to the rish of life-threatening uterine rupture. Dignity / Mercy hospitals do not allow a patient to VBAC (deliver vaginally after a prior cesarean section).
  • We welcome patients who wish to work with a dula during labor, but do not provide “physician backup” for home births, or work with unlicensed midwives.
  • Our office is experienced at caring for pregnant women who are over the age of 35.
  • Our office is not currently providing prenatal care for very high risk pregnancies – such as patients with Lupus, Type I Diabetes, Seizure Disorder, uncontrolled high blood pressure, or morbid obesity.

Resources for Women in Shasta County…

Our office had compiled list of resources for women spanning medical, family, educational, and entertainment. Read More…

Hospital and Prenatal Classes…

Mercy Hospital or call Mercy to register for their Childbirth Education class at 888.628.1948 (available 24/7).

Pediatric Care

There are several board-certified Pediatricians in Redding, as well as Family Practice doctors and nurse practitioners who provide pediatric care, in both private practice and clinic settings. Ask your friends with children who they go to. You want a practitioner who will both provide expert care and be a good personality fit with your family. You should pick and establish with a practitioner during your pregnancy.  Pediatric Providers

Our Practice Policies Regarding Pregnancy Care…

– We expect our patient’s to be an active participant in their medical – pregnancy care, including being compliant with routine pregnancy lab testing and visits.

– We do not accept patients who take illegal drugs or use medical marijuana during their pregnancy. We reserve the right to perform random drug tests.

– We have a zero tolerance for verbal or physical abuse for our medical staff and employees.

Smile with a few of the babies we have helped deliver into their mother’s arms – Check out our Baby Gallery