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Cost of Pregnancy Care

Our Office does not accept uninsured “cash pay” patients for pregnancy.
Our Office does not accept MediCal (primary or secondary) or MediCare for pregnancy.

Things you should know about your insurance coverage:

Insurance polices usually have a yearly deductible, a copay, and a yearly “out-of-pocket” maximum. Most insurances “reset” each of these on January 1st each year, but some reset on a “renewal date”.

1st: Your deductible = an amount of money you have to pay before your insurance starts to pay.

2nd: Your copay = an amount of money (a percentage of your bill) that you have to pay, after your deductible has been met (often 10-20%).

3rd: Your out-of-pocket maximum = the maximum amount of money you have to pay during a calendar year (or subscription year).

Things you should know about your medical pregnancy bills:

Your pregnancy will have a “global OB and delivery” bill and an additional “non-global” bills. Each insurance company has a “contracted rate” that sets the cost for these services. For most patients with Blue Cross or Blue Shield, the total contracted rate bill for Dr. Serr (office visits, ultrasounds and “global OB” / delivery fees) is approximately $2,500 dollars. How much of this bill is paid by your insurance depends upon your insurance policy’s deductible and co-pay.

The “global OB and delivery” bill is one total charge billed after your delivery, that covers most of your office visits and your doctor’s delivery bill. Insurance companies require doctors to bill this way – which sometimes frustrates patients if their yearly deductible resets before their delivery. There is not a separate bill if you are delivered by one of the “on call” doctors after hours. You will receive a separate bill from the hospital.

“Non-global” bills are bills that are charged as they occur. Examples of these include:

  • your first visit (“New OB” appointment)
  • your ultrasounds
  • your lab tests
  • any problem visits to the emergency room or labor and delivery
  • any special tests or problem visits to a specialist

Our office collects an OB payment of $300 at your first visit:

Your initial OB payment will be applied towards your bills for your first office visit and your ultrasounds. Any remainder will be held and later applied towards your global OB and delivery bill. We may collect a second OB payment of $500 or more in the second half of your pregnancy, depending upon your insurance benefits.