Dr. Cheryl Serr
Cheryl Wiley, FNP

Disability and Family Medical Leave

If you are pregnant or having surgery, you may qualify to receive Disability and / or Family Medical Leave (FMLA) from the state of California. For further details, and to obtain application forms, please log on to the state’s websites, or contact your employer’s HR department or local government offices. These programs “protect” your job and/or pay you, when you are prevented from working due to a disabling illness or pregnancy, or when caring for a disabled family member or newborn infant.

To receive state disability payments: you have to 1) have an eligible medical condition, and 2) be employed (or have been employed) at a business where your employer paid taxes into the state disability fund. This is generally the case with most businesses, but some exceptions include: individuals who are self-employed or independent contractors (“1099” employees); individuals employed by some charities, churches, or out-of-state companies; individuals in jobs whose company or union holds a separate / private disability policy (many teachers, policemen, and fire-fighters).

The state disability program has strict rules about what constitutes a disabling condition, and how long a period of disability each condition will qualify for. The first week of disability is unpaid. Subsequent weeks are paid at a percentage of your wages. Private disability policies have their own rules.

NOTE: It is illegal to “double dip” (collect disability at the same time that you are collecting unemployment or using sick leave pay or vacation pay).

For any questions call 1-877-652-0731, or logon to the disability website www.edd.ca.gov/disability/
or visit the local office at 1325 Pine St. Redding, CA 96001.

With state disability for OBGYN:
Minor vaginal surgeries allow for 2 weeks off  — D&C, endometrial ablation
Simple laparoscopic surgeries allow for 2 weeks off  — diagnostic laparoscopy, tubal sterilization
Major vaginal surgeries allow for 6 weeks off  — cystocele / rectocele, laparoscopic or vaginal hysterectomy
Major abdominal surgeries allow for 8 weeks off  — abdominal hysterectomy, c-section

NOTE: surgery disability begins on the day of surgery (no sooner)

NOTE: surgery disability can only be extended if a patient has a serious complication.

Pregnancy disability allows for 6 weeks off (after vaginal delivery) or 8 weeks off (after c-section).

Pregnancy disability allows a patient to take time off before she delivers (starting at 36 0/7 weeks).

NOTE: Pregnancy disability may apply prior to 36 0/7 weeks only if a patient has a serious complication (such as preterm labor or pre-eclampsia requiring bedrest). It cannot be used for general pregnancy complaints. The state will mail you a form to complete after your due date, in order to extend your disability.

To cover additional employee time costs, our office charges a one-time, nonrefundable fee of $20 for application processing. The state processes applications faster online than on-paper.

For paper applications: obtain papers from your employer, state disability office, or private disability company.

For online applications: Go to www.edd.ca.gov/disability/  and click on register for a new online account.

  • In blue click on continue to claimant registration and complete and submit.
  • The website will give you a 15 digit number starting with the letter “R”.

Provide our office with 1) date of last day worked, 2) $20.00 fee (cash or check), 3) the signed and completed paperwork or the “R” number. Our office will complete and submit the application. By law, we cannot send applications “in-advance” (before the first day of disability). Once processed, applications are retro-active.

Download PDF version: Disability and Family Medical Leave